Utility Payment Plan FAQ
How does the Payment Plan work?
The Payment Plan combines qualified delinquent Utility bills into one monthly payment amount for residential customers. The number of monthly payments will be determined by the total balance due. The Payment Plan is outside of normal current billing and will need to be paid separate from your normal monthly bill.
What are the qualifications of the Payment Plan?
Must have at least 2 unpaid Utility bills that were due PRIOR TO January 25th, 2020. Bills due AFTER January 25th, 2020 are not eligible and must be paid current at time of entering into this Payment Plan Agreement. All new and future charges must be paid on time, including late fees. Agreement can only be made with the account holder.
How do I opt in the Payment Plan?
The Account Holder must call 479-784-2262 or email Citizen Services at customerservice@fortsmithar.gov to review eligibility for the Payment Plan. Current bills must be paid in full.
Can I choose the due date for the Payment Plan?
Yes, you will have the ability to choose the Payment Plan due date. *This will not change the due date for your normal bill.
Will this keep my services from being disconnected?
Yes. As long as both your current bills and the Payment Plan payments are made timely, you will not be subject to disconnection
What happens if I fall behind again?
If you fall behind on the Payment Plan and / or your current monthly bills, you will be removed from the Payment Plan and subject to disconnection.
If I am removed from the Payment Plan, can I get back on it?
No. This is a temporary, one-time option to help residential customers get caught up.
Is there interest being accrued on my Payment Plan balance?
How do I make my payment for the Payment Plan?
Payments for the Payment Plan can only be paid by check, in person, or by phone. You can make the payment at the same time as your normal monthly payment. Customers cannot make the Payment Plan payment online or by automatic payments.
Can I pay more than the monthly payment amount?
Yes. However, you cannot pay less than the agreed upon amount or you will be removed from the Payment Plan.
Can I receive a leak adjustment on a bill in the Payment Plan?
No. All billing issues will need to be discussed prior to setting up the Payment Plan.
If I can’t pay my normal bill and the Payment Plan amount, is there another arrangement
I can make?
No. If you are unable to make both your normal billing payment and the Payment Plan payment, you will be subject to being removed from the Payment Plan and thus, subject to disconnection.
Citizens Services
Location: 623 Garrison Avenue
Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:00PM
Phone: (479) 784-2262
Email: customerservice@fortsmithar.gov