The Fort Smith Department of Sanitation residential collection staff is dependable, friendly, punctual and exceptionally knowledgeable about the community. We serve the community in ways that often go above and beyond the call of duty. We know our neighbors. That’s why we offer special collection service for those with special needs. And if someone has difficulty getting their container to the curb, we understand and will gladly help out.

Our collection schedule is automated and easy to understand. Our containers are easy to handle. We gladly accept praise, and respond quickly to concerns. If we make a mistake, we correct it right away. And our rates are lower than our competitors because we don’t operate on a for-profit basis. Our sole mission is to provide quality of life service to the community. By availing yourselves of our services, you – the residents of our community and ultimately the owners of our department – help ensure the success of our mission and our viability for the long term.

Your residential collection staff know and love Fort Smith just like you do, and that’s why we all work together to keep our community clean, independent and prosperous.

Dial-A-Truck dial a truck

One of our services to the City of Fort Smith sanitation customers is our Dial-A-Truck program. This program allows a city sanitation customer to call our Residential Dispatcher and schedule a pick-up of large bulky items, once every three (3) months for FREE. Large bulky items, include but are not limited to, appliances, couches, tables, chairs, and mattresses. We do NOT pick-up items with the Dial-A-Truck that are bagged or boxed, glass/mirrors, loose trash, construction/remodel debris, or tires with the Dial-A-Truck. To schedule a pick-up call (479) 784-2350.







                                                            YARD WASTE YARDWASTE

One of the services provided to our citizens with the weekly Residential Trash Collection is the pick up of residential yard waste. This includes grass clippings, leaves, brush and small limbs. the requirements for the residential collections teams to pick up the yard waste include:

  • Grass Clippings or Leaves - can be placed into bags or a 32 gallon can, neither weighing more than 50 pounds each.

  • Tree Limbs or Brush - must be NO longer than 4 feet in length and NO larger than 3 inches in diameter. The limbs MUST be bundled and tied with string or cord, NO wire. The bundled limbs/brush CANNOT be bigger than 18 inches in diameter.

Once properly prepared then yard waste should be placed at curb on your regular trash day at least 3 feet away from your trash and recycle cart. It will be picked up on the last trip through your neighborhood on your trash day.





 Recycle Billing Insert Final

Broken Trash or Recycle Cart

Please call our Residential Dispatcher at (479) 784-2350 and we will send someone to your address to check out your cart. We will either fix or replace the cart. We are here to serve you.cart maint