automated pickup

 Fort Smith’s automated refuse collection program saves residents money and improves efficiency by using technology to pick up and empty city-provided carts instead of relying on manual heavy lifting.

We have also organized our automated collection program in a way that beautifies the community by providing a cart that does not detract from the aesthetics of the neighborhoods with its uniformed design, because household waste, yard waste and recyclable material are all picked up on the same day – thus eliminating the need for containers to be set out more than once a week in any given neighborhood.


 Fort Smith residents are provided one city-owned, 95-gallon cart or a smaller 65-gallon cart. These expertly designed carts have close-fitting lids to help eliminate litter, odor, animal and insect problems. Residents are also encouraged to use trash bags inside the carts to further promote cleanliness.

Residents wishing to obtain an additional cart can do so for a mere $5 per month.

Upon request, the city is also happy to provide recycling containers which can be used for materials like steel and aluminum cans, plastics marked 1, 2, 4, and 7, corrugated cardboard, and newspapers.

Please do not put hazardous waste, yard waste or dead animals in your cart. We ask that residents place their containers 18 inches from the street and three feet apart from each others.