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The City of Fort Smith has partnered with Tyler Technologies to provide our vendors with access to information related to their vendor accounts. Vendor Self Service (VSS) provides vendors with web-based access to information stored in the City of Fort Smith’s Munis® database. The information is drawn from multiple Munis® products within the City’s financial system, including Accounts Payable, Purchasing, Contract Management, and Bid Management. This guide is intended as a resource to aid City vendors in the VSS registration process. 

Using VSS, vendors can enter and maintain their contact and remittance information, discount and payment terms, designated contact persons, and enter a list of commodity codes that represent the goods and services the vendor can provide. 

A listing of the vendor’s current and prior 1099 data, purchase orders, invoices, contracts, and checks is available in VSS for inquiry purposes.

Please download the registration guide for additional information.