Utility Department

Director: Lance McAvoy  

The Utility Department ensures the sustained delivery of quality water and wastewater services that promote health, safety, and quality of life for all of the Utility Department customers in the greater Fort Smith area. This department provides water and sewer services to a population of approximately 150,000 within the city limits and in the greater Fort Smith area, either directly from Fort Smith's systems or indirectly through Fort Smith's wholesale customers. 



Estimated Flooding Inundation Map 

Water Leak Map 

Utility Payment Plan FAQ

Visit the Utility Department website at http://fortsmithwater.org/ for more information.

Download the "Project Concern" Utility Assistance Program Application


Emergency Contact

To report an emergency with any of the following:

  • Water Leak
  • Sewer Overflow (Inside or Outside)
  • Other Emergency Situations 

Call us at 479-784-2342