Director of Development Services: Maggie Rice

Senior Planner: Brenda Andrews 

Senior Planner: Abdul R. Ghous 

City Planner: Tyler Miller 

City Planner: Thomas Monaco

City Planner: Bill Striplin

Planning Administrative Coordinator: Megan Bailey

Business License Specialist: Brittney Bottoms

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Development Services

The Planning and Zoning Department is a division of Development Services. Planning and Zoning manages City land-use ordinances, policies and procedures governing development within the City and its growth area; provides professional services and advice to the Board of Directors, Planning Commission, committees, and other City divisions involved in development review; manages the Historic District Commission and Comprehensive Plan Implementation Committee, responds to public inquiries and reviews building permits and proposed subdivisions to ensure compliance of federal and state laws as well as local ordinances; processes all property activity and complaints; performs short and long term zoning analysis; makes recommendations; and conducts inspections for compliance to the Unified Development Ordinance and other city codes when necessary.

Examples of items administered by the Planning and Zoning Department include: