What to Recycle

Bathroom Recyclables

1Laundry cleanersa


1 clothing reuse recycleFlexible Plastic

Please keep the contents of your recycling container under 50 pounds, and remember that everything you put in your containers is hand sorted. So placing non-recyclable materials in the container costs the community time and money.


e waste

 Drop off service available for City of Fort Smith residents only.

 Residents can drop off their e-waste for FREE. E-waste includes computer towers, laptops, keyboards, personal electronic devices, monitors, cell phones, A/V equipment, scanners, copiers, and television sets: Old "TUBE" televisions up to a 27" in size and Flat Scree/Smart TV's any size.

 The Department  of Sanitation does not accept eWaste from businesses.

 For information on commercial eCycling, please visit www.eccopartners.org.







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One of our services to the City of Fort Smith sanitation customers is our Dial-A-Truck program. This program allows a city sanitation customer to call our Residential Dispatcher and schedule a pick-up of five (5) large bulky items, once every three (3) months for FREE. Large bulky items include but are not limited to, appliances, couches, tables, chairs, and mattresses. 

We do NOT pick-up items with the Dial-A-Truck that are bagged or boxed, glass/mirrors, loose trash, construction/remodel debris or tires with the Dial-A-Truck. 

There is a fee for having more than 6+ items at the time of DAT pickup or if more than one collection per quarter is requested.  Fees for each additional collection will be based on the number of items to be collected (or if more than five times were set out for an already scheduled DAT pickup). Fee schedule is as follows:

1-5 items $60.00 flat fee, plus applicable sales tax
6-10 items $120.00 flat fee, plus sales tax
More than 10 items $180.00 flat fee, plus sales tax (limited to the capacity of a single truck)

To schedule a pick-up call (479) 784-2350.

Current Scale House Rates:

Standard Pickup, Car, SUV   $23.48 per load

All other vehicles and pickups, cars, or SUV pulling a trailer $40.82 per ton (2,000 pounds) with a $20.00 minimum

First Saturday of each month, City of Fort Smith Residents paying a water/sanitation monthly fee, whose account is in "good standing" will recieve a discount on debris brought into the landfill via Standard Pickup, Car, or SUV. This day only the rate is $12.50 per load.