Stone Park

Open: Monday-Friday 7:30 am-5 pm; Saturdays 7:30 am-4 pm. The park is closed on holidays when the landfill is closed.


Stone Park is both a wilderness oasis and a recycling education experience.

Just to the right of the main entrance into the Department of Sanitation and northeast of the department’s main administration building, Stone Park features a stream-like environment within a wooded area that serves as a quiet oasis.park truck

With a 1,367-foot long walking path, built with permeable shale that exists naturally on the landfill and allows rainwater to seep into the ground instead of running off, picnic tables and park benches are constructed from stone quarried from the landfill. Residents and visitors can enjoy the pleasant surroundings while being exposed to much of the process by which the landfill helps to ensure a clean, prosperous and independent future for Fort Smith.

All masonry structures in the park were quarried from the landfill. The landscaping uses native vegetation, which eliminates the need for pesticides and irrigation. Special housing to provide shelter and attract certain birds and bats are located throughout the park to provide natural predators for pest insects.

trash can parkThe entire park is designed to promote waste reduction and recycling, as well as the purchase of recycled products.

A community commitment to recycling and responsible environmental management helps make it possible for us to set aside green space like Stone Park. As our residents enjoy this pleasant space today, they are learning how to preserve such amenities for the future.

For information on landfill tours, please call 479-784-1070.