What is the purpose of a Comprehensive Plan?

The Future Fort Smith Comprehensive Plan is a document containing goals, policies, and actions that define and support a common vision and purpose. The Plan sets a direction that will be used by the City of Fort Smith to proactively manage future change. While the present doument is an update, the original purpose of the Comprehensive Plan remains as stated below:

"The Comprehensive Plan provides goals, policies, and land planning principles for guiding the future development of the City. It is used to assist the Planning Commission, the Board of Directors and City Staff as they make decisions on land use and zoning issues, capital improvement programming, transportation, and coordination efforts with other jurisdictions and agencies. It also serves as a guide to creating the future Fort Smith envisioned by the community as a whole."

Future Fort Smith Committee (Annual Reports, Meeting Minutes, Meeting Agendas)

Future Fort Smith Comprehensive Plan

Propelling Downtown Forward July 2017