The Fort Smith City Administrator is appointed by the City Board of Directors and is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the city government. The Administrator provides the link between the elected governing body and manages the City's 15 departments. All of the city’s department heads report to the City Administrator.

The City Administrator's office is comprised of the Deputy Administrator, PR & Communications Manager, and administrative staff to the Mayor and Administrator. The staff provides research, analysis, and recommendations on policy and service matters to the Board of Directors; implements the board's decisions; prepares the city's annual budget for review and approval by the Board of Directors, and evaluates the effectiveness of programs and services offered by the City. The City Administrator also participates in discussions at the Board of Directors' meetings. 

While all 15 City departments ultimately report to the City Administrator, the following departments have direct reports to the City Administrator and Deputy Administrators respectively: 

Departments with Direct Report to the City Administrator:
  1. Public Safety - Police Department
  2. Public Safety - Fire Department
  3. City Clerk's Office
  4. Utility Department
  5. Finance Department
  6. Information Technology Services (ITS)
  7. Human Resources Office
  8. City Prosecuting Attorney's Office
  9. Convention Center
  10. Community Development Department (Housing/CBDG)
Departments Reporting Directly to the Deputy City Administrator:
  1. Parks & Recreation Department
  2. Solid Waste Services Department
  3. Streets & Traffic Control Department
  4. Engineering Department
  5. Transit Department
  6. Planning Department
  7. Building Services Department
Our Mission Statement
The City of Fort Smith is a unified team, committed to consistently providing resident-focused services for the advancement of a thriving community.

Our Vision
Provide World Class service to the citizens of Fort Smith by:
  • Valuing the contributions of every resident and employee
  • Being agile
  • Being values-based
  • Being continuous learners

Our Shared Values
  • Integrity Always
  • Absolute Professionalism
  • Accessibility for All